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The University’s Student Technology Help Desk is now offering phone and remote technical support Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

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Contact Information

UMIT Help Desk:
Phone: 305-284-6565

Student Technology Help Desk
C-118 in the Law Library
Phone: 305-284-5297

Law IT
Phone: 305-284-3000

AV/Audio Visual:
Room: G180
Phone: 305-284-3801

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  • Network Login FAQs

    Network Login FAQs

    What resources are offered through the network?
    Resources offered through the network include word processingLexis and Westlawe-mailInternet accesscollaboration and cloud-storage optionsvideo conferencingwireless printingcatalogs of the Miami Law Library, other UM Libraries and many law libraries across the country.

    How does one login to the computer network while on campus?
    When presented with the login prompt:

    • Enter login name: {CaneLink User Name:} then press the TAB key or click on the {Password:} box.
    • Now type individual CaneLink Password. Characters are NOT seen while typing; Press ENTER when finished.

    How does one login to Office 365 to access email remotely?
    Go to

    • Enter login name: {CaneLink User Name:} then press the TAB key or click on the {Password:} box.
    • Now type individual CaneLink Password. Characters are NOT seen while typing; Press ENTER when finished.

    Where are document files stored?
    Prior to logging off the computer, students should save documents on a USB storage device or on any of the cloud storage services the University offers for free. **OneDrive, Google Drive, or Box**. These services can be found inside the Cloud Storage folder on the desktop after you log in. Click here to learn more about UM's cloud storage.

    How does one access the wireless network?
    CaneNet: Student Wireless Registration
    Instructions on how to install Pulse Secure Client

  • Email Account Info FAQs

    Email Account Info FAQs

    How does a student access his or her email account?
    How to configure an iPhone/iTouch/Android to access Law School e-mail? 
    How to access email via Outlook web access?

    How to forward Law School e-mail?
    Students are expected to read their Law School emails by using the email system provided to them by the Law School. Although the Law School allows students to forward their school email to another email service provider, it is highly discouraged. The Law School has experienced difficulties forwarding emails to other email service providers. On several occasions these email service providers have blocked the Law School or the University from sending emails to them. The Law School does not control how these email service providers manage their systems; nor the reason for blocking us. IT can only guarantee delivery of email messages to the Law School email system. Unfortunately, this is a problem that other major universities are experiencing as well. To forward your email to an outside email provider, login to Office 365 and navigate to your Mail settings. It is recommended to keep a copy of the email in your Office 365 account.

  • UPrint - Printing & Copying FAQs

    UPrint - Printing & Copying FAQs

    For all student printing solutions, UPrint features include new services, new technology, wireless printing, color print and copy, and scan to e-mail. See UPrint Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are the UPrint printers located?

    UPrint locations - Gables Campus
    UPrint Locations - Law School

    UPrint Printer Locations (printer only function)

    • Student Technology Help Desk C118
    • Copy Room D232
    • Copy Room D332

    UPrint Copier Locations (print/copy/scan function)

    • Copy Room D135
    • Copy Room D147
    • Copy Room D232
    • Copy Room D332
    • UMLR - for UMLR only (B347)
    • IALR - for IALR only (D335)
    • Moot Court Board - for Moot Court only (F401)

    Remote & Wireless:
    UPrint Wireless Drivers
    Mobile print information

    Printing Guides:
    UPrint Printing Guide
    UPrint Printer Station Guide

    For comments or questions contact:

    Law students will receive 130 credits per academic year for use on the UPrint printers located in the Law School and throughout campus. Students starting in the spring semester are allocated 65 UPrint credits..
    One UPrint credit = $1.00
    $0.10 for color per print/copy page
    $0.05 for black & white per print/copy page

    Duplex Discount for those who print double-sided. The system will extend a 0.02 print credit on the second page when duplexing.


    Students can conveniently check their "UPrint Credit" balance by logging into CaneLink. Should students exceed their "UPrint Credits", they can add money to their Cane Express accounts on CaneLink.

    In the event UPrint goes down for an extended period of time, UMIT will bring up a backup print solution. Additional drivers will need to be download when necessary.. Please go to the STHD Service Desk located in C118 of the Law Library.

  • Computer & Software Recommendations FAQs

    Computer & Software Recommendations FAQs

    If a student is planning on purchasing a new desktop or laptop, please see the list of the minimum computer requirements recommended.

    What software does the University of Miami offer to students?

    The University of Miami has special pricing on software for students. Click here for a list of software offered by the University of Miami to students. Some software is offered for free and some require a fee. For any questions about software purchase please contact Student Technology Help Desk at 305-284-8887.

  • IT Service Desk

    IT Service Desk

    UMIT Student Technology Help Desk Services Provided:
    The Student Technology Help Desk is a FREE computer support center for students. They provide a multitude of services including internet configuration, virus and spyware removal, system restorations, software installations and upgrades on laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. The Student Technology Help Desk maintains all of the Law School’s student computers and the computer labs located in D236 of the Law Library.

    For a more complete list of the services offered, please go to The Student Technology Help Desk at Gables is located on the first floor of Richter Library and located in C118 of the Law Library.

    The Student Technology Help Desk, located in Room C-118 in the Law Library, provides computing assistance to all UM students. The staff can be reached by calling 305-284-8887 or by email at

  • Exam4


    For questions about Exam4 Software, visit the Exam4 page in the Grades & Exams section of the site.

  • Blackboard FAQs

    Blackboard FAQs

    Classes at Miami Law make use of the Blackboard Learning Management system to deliver and support student learning for both residential and online course offerings. Inside of each of your Blackboard course pages you’ll find important class materials, such as the syllabus, notes from a previous lecture, readings, assignments, and much more. The following DIY resources provide you with a quick guide of some of the most important features of Blackboard.

  • ZoomFAQs


    Zoom is a video conferencing tool that combines an easy-to-use interface with exceptional video quality, offering a seamless experience for collaboration across mobile devices, desktops, and conference rooms. Zoom features include screen sharing, recording, breakout rooms, chat, adaptive streaming, and more.