Technology Law Club

"Our technology giants are the railroad companies of the twenty-first century.” 

The Technology Law Club is Miami Law’s newest Legal Practice Area student organization. This club builds on the momentum of Miami's growing startup ecosystem. We believe that Miami Law should always be searching for ways to get our students involved with our local, national, and international tech ecosystem. As Miami grows into a more vibrant and influential scale-up community, these founders, investors, and operators should be able to look to Miami Law for guidance, assistance, and counsel. The purpose of the Technology Law Club is to increase awareness of the legal issues technology companies are facing and the technology issues that are impacting our communities. Our goal is to leverage this awareness to forge careers in Technology Law for our students.

We hope to bring together students who are interested in or have participated in programs such as LawWithoutWalls (LWOW), Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), We Robot Conference, and the Startup Practicum. Our club encourages our members to set goals, collaborate, share knowledge, advocate, and develop into legal professionals together.   


We believe we can take advantage of the existing grow the number of Miami Law Alumni working in Technology through the pursuit of 3 simple goals: 

 1.) Increase student exposure to technology lawyers, technology company executives, and

technologists in non-academic settings;

2.) Increase the interactivity between Miami Law students and the Miami Tech/startup


3.) Increase connectivity between students participating in Miami Law’s existing tech adjacent

programs, courses, and organizations.


Category: Legal Practice Area

Officers: Jacey Hanley, President


Faculty Advisor: Professor Andres Sawicki

Bylaws: Technology Law Club Bylaws

Constitution: Technology Law Club Constitution

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Social Media Link(s): Tech Law Twitter / Tech Law Instagram