Bar Admissions Overview

The information below is provided as general guidance for students looking to get started on the bar application process.

Each student must research the exam requirements and application process, including deadlines, for the jurisdiction in which they plan to apply for admission.

Application Process

In order to be licensed to practice law in any U.S. jurisdiction, each applicant must apply for admission to the bar of that state's highest court. Federal court admission is separate and may be granted based on an attorney's active state license.

The bar admission process is different from state to state, but most states require each applicant to at least:

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Bar Related Points of Contact at Miami Law

Student inquiries should be directed as follows:

  • Questions related to the bar application, including the character and fitness process, as well as amendments to the School of Law application, should be directed to Madeline Raine, Assistant Director of Student Life.
  • Questions related to the bar examination should be directed to Steven Maxwell, the Director of the Academic Achievement Program.
  • Questions related to the MPRE should be directed to Professor Jessi Tamayo or your Professional Responsibility professor.

Important Information on the ABA Standards for Distance Learning

An ABA-approved law school may grant up to one-third of the credit hours required for the J.D. degree for distance education courses (see Definitions 7 and 8, and Standards 311 and 511). If a law school wishes to grant more than one-third of the credit hours required for the J.D. degree for distance education courses, it must apply for a substantive change under Standard 105 and Rule 24.

It is important that you contact the state board of bar examiner in the state(s) in which you are interested in being admitted to ascertain what limitations, if any, distance education will have on your ability to sit for the bar exam. Click here for contact information for all the state board of bar examiners or refer to the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements.

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