Web Portal Exams: Instructions & Procedure

Some examinations are given in-class and others are take-home exams. This is solely at the discretion of the faculty member. Faculty may give different types of take-home examinations. Some may be schedule for 8 hours on the scheduled exam day, others may be of varying time limits scheduled throughout the exam period.

All take-home exams administered by The Office of the Law Registrar will be done using the Exam4 take-home feature. No exams will given out on paper or returned to the office after being printed out. Electronic submittal through Exam4 is mandatory.

Web Portal Exam Instructions: Exam4

This is a step by step process for accessing the take-home examination files online.

  • Go to www.exam4.com - Do not use icon that you use for in class proctored exams.
  • Click on "Law Schools"
  • Click on "Florida"
  • Click on "University of Miami School of Law" – The exam or list of exams will appear on the right side of the page at the time that the exam is set to begin.
  • You do not need to download the Exam4 Software for these types of exams.
  • Click on Exam you wish to take.
  • Students will be asked for their Exam ID Number, which is a student’s AGN/anonymous grading number; they should enter it and click continue.
  • Follow the instructions for viewing the exam question. Students may of course print the exam question. The timer begins once a student has viewed the exam, and it is up to the student to keep track of your time.
  • Type answers in a Word document. Please put one’s AGN on your document. No cover sheet prints with one’s exam.
  • Return to this same site to upload one’s Word document exam answer when done. Do not email an exam to the professor.

For Any Problems

See page on Exam4 software information, or, email lawreg@law.miami.edu.