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CourseLink is a law school course catalogue with information for current and previous course offerings including course descriptions, instructor contact, course delivery, classroom assignments, days, and times.

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CaneLink is the University's Student Information System (SIS). It is used by students to plan their academic career, register for classes, view their academic and financial records, and receive communication from the University.

CaneLink Features

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  • Schedule builder

    The new CaneLink student interface provides an excellent resource called the Schedule Builder, that students can use to build and visualize multiple schedule combinations.

  • Waitlist vs. SwapWaitlist

    This is a process that runs automatically in CaneLink each night until 12:00 a.m. on the Last Day to Add a Class that enrolls students into open seats based on their positions on the waitlist.In the event that your first preference course(s) become full during registration, it is important that you enroll in a full schedule of open courses (second preference) and then set up swaps. Setting up swaps will maximize the ability to enroll in preferred courses by accounting for potential enrollment issues (time conflicts, max credit load) should space become available.

    Students who are waitlisted but do not account for the following enrollment issues will be skipped on the waitlist when the CaneLink process runs:The student does not meet the specified pre or co-requisite.

    The student would become enrolled in an overload of credits for the semester by virtue of enrolling in the waitlisted class (i.e., the student would exceed his/her/their max number of allowable enrollment credits).

    The time of the waitlisted course would conflict with the time of another course on the student’s schedule if the student was to be enrolled in the waitlisted course.

    If the waitlist process runs and either (a) no students remain on the waitlist or (b) all students who remain on the waitlist experience one of the 3 registration issues listed above, the class will re-open and other students will be able to enroll, even if students continue to appear on the waitlist.

  • Swap

    The swap feature allows students to identify a class they are currently enrolled in and trade it for a closed class they would prefer if it were to become available.

    Here are some additional notes about swaps:

    • Swap lets you drop a class and add a new class at the same time, without risking the chance of being closed out of both.
    • If the desired class is full, a student who sets up a swap is automatically placed onto the waitlist of that class as a result of the swap; the student does not need to complete a separate waitlist process.
    • If a student is already on the waitlist for a class, he/she/their would like to set up with a swap, the student will not be able to do so. The swap feature can only be set from the onset. To add a swap for a waitlisted course, the student must drop the waitlist and then set up a swap.
    • Learn more about these two processes, and make sure you set this up appropriately to maximize your chances of snagging a sea in your desired course.

  • Enrollment Using Permission Pin/Code

    Permission pins are only required for courses that need departmental or instructor consent to enroll. Typically, those courses are clinics, externships, and others with special restrictions for enrollment. Students will receive their permission numbers via e-mail.

    Click here to watch a video on using the permission pin.

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Class Schedule

Students can view their class schedule in list view and calendar view via CaneLink. The schedule can also be viewed in multiple time displays (day, week, month) and students have the ability to print the schedule or export it to an email system such as Outlook.

How to View Your Class Schedule

Add/Drop Period

Student will have access to add or drop full semester courses through the self-registration process in CaneLink until the deadline for Add/Drop as noted on the Academic Calendar. After a student add or drop, he or she should again verify that his or her choices have been properly entered by checking the class schedule in CaneLink.