Courses Taken at Other Schools

Students who are not in joint degree programs may take up to six credits and count them towards their J.D. degree. These credits may be used to take courses in another School or department at UM.

There are courses in all Schools of the university that may be of interest:

  • International Studies
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Education
  • Business
  • Communication

Are among the areas where JD students may identify courses which align nicely with a Law School curriculum. This is an opportunity to take a course of interest, whether it is a seminar in modern history, a special topic in journalism, or in a completely unrelated discipline altogether.

Students who have at least a 3.0 law school cumulative grade point average and have completed their first-year curriculum may register for 500-level or above courses offered by other departments at the University of Miami. However, Miami Law students who have visited away may, at the discretion of the Vice Dean, be precluded from exercising this option. The student should contact the professor to determine if there are any prerequisite requirements and to let the professor know of the law student’s interest in the subject. Some lower-level courses, including 200-level and above language courses, may also be taken with approval from the Vice Dean. Please complete the Course Request Form (Non-Law Graduate Course) and return to the Office of the Law Registrar.


There are some courses requiring an approval prior to registering for them. Please send an email to the Office of the Law Registrar (see contact information below) with the course number and title. We will confirm the course meets our requirements as defined here and will register the student. Other points to note:

1) students who have at least a 3.0 law school cumulative grade point average and have completed their first-year curriculum may register;

2) first year language courses cannot be taken for JD credit, though it may be possible to locate a non-credit beginning language course through the Division of Continuing and International Education,;

3) introductory courses are generally excluded;

4) students in joint degree programs will be using their 6 elective credits to receive JD credit from courses taken in their other program; and

5) tuition for any non-Law School courses (except for those students in joint degree programs) will be paid to the School of Law, current Law School scholarships will apply, and students will still be considered in full-time status.

For More Information

For questions and/or help with registration for courses taken at other UM schools, contact Office of the Law Registrar, at 305-284-4825,