Course Registration Overview

Miami Law helps students find and prepare themselves for a successful future in the field that matters to them most. Choose from more than 300 courses in 18 areas of study, one of the widest selections of any law school, to explore your desired legal field.

Registration Nuts & Bolts

Learn the ins-and-outs of the course registration process.

Course Registration Resources

Learn how to use CoureLink to browse for course options and register with CaneLink.

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Litigation Skills Registration

The Litigation Skills department has a separate registration process, which is completed earlier than regular law course registration.
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Compact (Short) Course Registration

Compact Courses (formerly known as Short Courses) are specialty topic courses taught by industry experts that are short in duration.

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Concentration and Area of Focus Registration

Concentration and Area of Focus course requirements and registration information can be found in CourseLink

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Courses Taken Elsewhere (at Other UM Schools/Outside Miami Law)

J.D. students have six elective credits that may be used to take courses in another school or college at UM.


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Course Registration Procedures for Students on Academic Oversight

Learn how being on Academic Oversight impacts the registration process.
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Registering for Faculty Supervised Writing

To earn two-credits and satisfaction of a J.D. writing requirement, law review writing or individually pursued written work must be both faculty supervised and graded.

Students are typically required to complete multiple drafts of a 30-to-40-page paper amounting to a rigorous writing experience in a legal context. Please see the academic calendar for signup deadline.

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Additional Information


Holds may appear on students accounts for various reasons, and some holds may impact students’ ability to register, obtain transcripts, receive diplomas, etc. It is the students’ responsibility to take required actions to prevent and/or clear such holds so they avoid any impact. Click here to learn more about common holds, how to view them, and what steps you must take to remove them.

Academic Calendar

Don’t miss upcoming dates and deadlines for the academic year. This includes dates pertaining to Add/Drop, Pass/fail, exam period, and graduation ceremony.

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Contact the Registrar's Office

Should you need assistance feel free to contact the Law Registrar’s Office.