Miami Law Women

Miami Law Women is the law student division of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers (FAWL) at the University of Miami School of Law. Miami Law Women is an organization that encompasses students with similar beliefs and goals for the advancement of women in the legal profession. We are an organization devoted to community service, networking, and social programming both within the law school as well as throughout the community. The organization continues to offer its Women’s Mentoring Program connecting University of Miami School of Law female alumni in South Florida, as well as around the country and abroad, with members of MLW. To participate, as an alumni, you can find more information on this project by emailing MLW boasts one of the most successful Student Mentor programs at the law school, whereby 1Ls get paired up with a 2L or 3L. Networking events are a major part of MLW’s success, ranging from panels comprised of female attorneys and professors to monthly mingling opportunities. MLW is also dedicated to serving the community through various service projects. Annually, its members participate in The Race for the Cure; large scale events to raise money for the Project GOLD at Kristi House, Be Bright Pink for breast cancer research and awareness; clothing drives for battered women shelters and female youth in need; and other projects throughout the year working in conjunction with other student organizations. We have raised nearly $20,000 for the Susan G. Komen Fund and Be Bright Pink through our VIPink and Pink & White parties. Miami Law Women is an amazing organization with endless opportunities for men and women alike.

Category: Diversity/Affinity Groups

Officers: Emily Finch, President


Faculty Advisor: Professor Donna Coker

ByLaws: Miami Law Women Bylaws