Mental Health Collective

The Mental Health Collective is student led and centered organization dedicated to fostering a welcoming, healthy, inclusive, and caring community at Miami Law. The goals of the MHC are to:

  • Assist each other in dealing with stress and mental health issues in the context of law school;
    •  To support students of marginalized backgrounds and identities who deal with heightened stress, pressure, and emotional labor on campus;
  • Promote mental and emotional well-being on campus through events, webinars, and workshops;
  • Connect with campus resources both inside and out of the law school available to students;
  • Organize student ideas for fostering a more healthy campus culture and environment including faculty trainings on student well-being, institutional policies, and other concerns;
  • Contribute to larger statewide and national conversations about mental health in the legal profession with other student groups and professional organizations.

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Category: Student Wellness

Officers:                , President


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