Honor Council

The Honor Council is a group of 24 second-year and third-year students who promote the Honor Code’s mission of creating an atmosphere of honesty and intellectual integrity.  In addition, the Honor Council investigates and adjudicates alleged violations of the Honor Code. 

Each member of the Council is elected by their classmates at the end of their first year for a two-year term of service on the Council.  Members work to create awareness of the integrity issues that face students in law school and refer students to resources that aid in dealing with those issues as they arise. 

Serving on the Honor Council is a wonderful leadership opportunity where members are entrusted by their classmates, the faculty, and the administration to faithfully uphold the Honor Code and its principles.


Category: Student Governance

Officers: Christian Benson, President 

Contact: honorcouncil@law.miami.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dean Janet Stearns/Madeline Raine

Honor Code: Honor Code