Business Law Society (BLS)

The purpose of the Business Law Society (BLS) shall be to promote social and academic interaction among Miami Law students interested in the various aspects of transactional and litigation-based business law. The BLS sponsors social activities, speakers, and events that encourage academic discussion and generally provide a forum through which members may pursue their interests in developing a career in business law. Our goal is to enhance the legal education of our members and to promote an inter-disciplinary curriculum in business, corporate, and financial law that builds upon the resources of The University of Miami School of Law. 

Category: Legal Practice Area

Officers: Isiah Shechtman, Co-President / Heather Braverman, Co-President 


Faculty Advisor: Professor Scott Eichhorn

ByLaws: BLS Bylaws

Constitution: BLS Constitution

Social Media Link(s): UM Business Law Soceity / Miami Law Business Law Society