Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA)

The University of Miami Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) is dedicated to the professional development of Asian/Pacific-American lawyers and law students of University of Miami Law School. APALSA welcomes law students interested in Asian-American legal issues and in the participation of the Asian-American legal community.  

APALSA's goal is to provide our members with the resources and opportunities to navigate the law school experience and set up a successful legal career.  Among other events, APALSA sponsor social activities, speakers, and community service events. Our goal is to foster relationships with professors and practicing attorneys in the Asian-American community. 

We welcome any University of Miami Law Student interested to join our association and we hope to form a strong and supportive community together with you.

Category: Diversity/Affinity Groups

Officers: Srimayi Chaturvedula, President     


Advisor: Odetta Clarke

Social Media Link(s): APALSA @University of Miami School of Law

Constitution: APALSA Constitution