Law Reviews & Journals at the University of Miami School of Law

Law journals, also referred to as law reviews, have a longstanding reputation for being some of the most prestigious organizations that one can join in law school. Working on these publications affords the opportunity to actively participate in legal commentary with timely and cutting-edge scholarly articles, student notes, and comments pertaining to areas of professional legal interest. 

The law reviews at Miami Law include:

Business Law Review

The University of Miami Business Law Review publishes scholarly articles, comments, and case notes addressing a wide range of business-related issues. The University of Miami Business Law Review is run by a group of dedicated law students who are committed to providing current and insightful business & legal analysis.

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Inter-American Law Review

The University of Miami Inter-American Law Review (IALR) is devoted to providing a forum through which legal scholars, practitioners, and students discuss major international and inter-American legal and legally-related developments. IALR is recognized as the only student-run periodical to focus solely on legal issues which directly affect Latin America and the Caribbean. With the continuing emergence of Miami as a center of international trade, finance, and law, the focus of IALR becomes increasingly important and relevant to the surrounding environs.

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International and Comparative Law Review

The University of Miami International and Comparative Law Review contributes to the dialog on the changing international legal landscape and developments in international law by publishing bi-annual issues containing scholarly articles on a variety of topics written by prominent practitioners, politicians, professors, and students from around the globe.

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Race & Social Justice Law Review

Founded in 2007, the University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review, formerly known as the Black Law Review, is a student journal committed to the promotion and publication of scholarly articles that address the legal, social, economic, and psychological issues that affect communities of color, with a particular emphasize on the global Black community.

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University of Miami Law Review

Founded in 1947 as the Miami Law Quarterly, the University of Miami Law Review is a quarterly legal journal committed to publishing articles of interest to legal scholars and practitioners. Composed of four separate issues published in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, the Law Review publishes one volume per year. One issue consists of pieces analyzing the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (fittingly named the Eleventh Circuit Issue). In addition this law review hosts an annual symposium bringing distinguished scholars to campus to participate in engaging discussion. 

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    2012 - The Future of the Death Penalty in America
    2011 - From the Board Room to the Court Room: The Evolving Legal Status of Corporate Crime
    2010 - What Change Will Come? The Obama Administration and the Future of the Administrative State
    2009 - How Far Have We Come Since 2000? (Voting Rights, Election Law & Crawford v. Marion County Election Board)
    2008 - The Future of Affirmative Action: Seattle School District #, Race, Education, and the Constitution
    2007 - The Uses and Abuses of the Executive Power
    2006 - The Schiavo Case: Interdisciplinary Perspectives