Student Complaint / Grievance Policy

To File Federally

Individuals, who believe that they were subjected to discrimination on the basis of disability by the University of Miami , are encouraged to use the grievance procedure to resolve their concerns. Individuals may, however, wish to file a complaint directly with the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, 61 Forsyth St., Southwest, Suite 19T10 , Atlanta, Georgia, 30303 (404) 562-6350.

To File with State of Florida: For Nonpublic Postsecondary Institutions

Detailed information is available at:

To file a complaint against a nonpublic postsecondary institution in Florida, please write a letter or send an e-mail containing the following information: 
1. Name of Student (or Complainant) 
2. Complainant Address 
3. Phone Number 
4. Name of Institution 
5. Location of the Institution (City) 
6. Dates of Attendance 
7. A full description of the problem and any other documentation that will support your claim such as enrollment agreements, correspondence, etc. 
8. The complaint process of the Commission involves contacting the institution to obtain their response to your complaint. If you do not want the Commission to contact the institution you are attending, you must state so in your complaint; however, doing so will greatly hinder the Commission’s ability to assist you with your complaint. 

Send Letter To: 
Commission for Independent Education 325 W. Gaines Street, Suite 1414
Tallahassee, FL. 32399-0400

Or E-mail: 
Or Fax: 850-245-3238