Degree Planning

Miami Law provides students with advice on planning their degrees whether for the J.D. or a supplementary program such as a Concentration, joint degree, or international exchange.

Course Advising and Counseling

Faculty are an excellent source of advising for course planning. Students are encouraged to take a well-balanced curriculum regardless of potential career choices to exposure him or herself to a number of skills as well as content.

Planning for Joint Degree / Interdisciplinary Study

Joint J.D./LL.M. Degree: It is best to speak to the director of the respective LL.M. program of interest. Visit here for contact information.

Bar Elective Courses for Joint J.D./LL.M. Students: In some cases, students who transfer from an LL.M. program to the J.D. program may be required to substitute a 1L course requirement with another elective course that appears on the bar exam. For more information, please view the student handbook. The list of eligible elective subjects can be found below:

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  • Elective List

    Pursuant to the Student Handbook, the following courses may be used to substitute for a waived 1L course requirement. Please refer to the Handbook and consult with your academic advisor for more information.

    • Business Associations
    • Civil Procedure II
    • Commercial Law (any course)
    • Constitutional Law II
    • Criminal Procedure Adjudication
    • Evidence
    • Family Law
    • Florida Criminal Procedure
    • Florida Civil Procedure
    • Florida Constitutional Law
    • Substantive Criminal Law
    • Trusts and Estates

Joint Degree With Other UM School: For students interested in completing a second program degree at another UM School in addition to their J.D. degree, it is always a good idea to create a general plan and timeline for completing both degrees. Visit What to Keep in Mind When Considering a Joint Degree for more information. Or for further joint Master's and Doctoral degrees information please contact Terrell E West II, Assistant Registrar at

6 Elective Credits for Interdisciplinary Study – J.D. students (who are not in joint degree programs) should keep in mind they have 6 elective credits that may be used to take any graduate-level course or any intermediate/advanced language course in any School/Department across the University of MiamiFor more information, please visit Courses Taken at Other Schools or contact the Office of the Law Registrar at or 305-284-4825.

Planning for Concentrations / Areas of Focus

The School of Law has approved Concentrations in Programs in (1) Litigation and Dispute Resolution, (2) Social Justice and Public Interest, (3) The Business of Innovation, Law and Technology: BILT, (4) Immigration, Asylum, and Citizenship Law Area of Focus, (5) Business Compliance & Sustainability, (6) Environmental Law, (7) Health Law, and (8) Transactional Law. These programs are intended to help students focus their curricular choices as well as increase marketability. Students looking for advice on such a program should meet with that program’s advisor. 

Planning for Study Abroad / International Exchange

Most students typically go on an international exchange program either spring semester of their 2L year or fall semester of their 3L year. Students with an interest in spending a semester at a foreign law school need to begin planning for this semester away as soon as possible, namely, during their first year of the JD program.
See What to Keep in Mind when Considering Participation in an International Exchange Program
For more information: Contact